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CAHN Bereavement Support is a service for people who have been affected by the loss of a loved one during COVID-19. The service is delivered in a professional manner by qualified professionals from the Caribbean and African community. It is tailored to meet the cultural and religious needs of the Caribbean and African community living in Greater Manchester.

Light Bereavement Service

Light Bereavement Service offers people of Caribbean and African background (including mixed heritage) with culturally and religiously tailored support for those grieving or mourning the loss of loved ones.

Our experienced, qualified and registered team of counsellors have a wealth of experience in grief and trauma counselling. They would offer professionally personalised service to meet each client’s need. This service would initially be available in English and French while plans are developed for the numerous African languages.

CAHN has been working with the Black community over the last 3 years to address health inequalities within the Caribbean and African community. It was regrettably inevitable on announcement of Coronavirus pandemic outbreak that the burden of poor outcomes would sadly result in a disproportionate number of people from Black, Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities dying from COVID-19.

Faith plays such a key part in the lives of many Caribbean and African people where over 84% of this community either goes to church or has some affiliation to a church (ONS, 2018). We cannot therefore underestimate the importance of embedding religious and cultural practices into the mourning and grieving process when providing support.

The need for a tailored bereavement service is overwhelming as evidenced in the many calls from the community and in the current survey (‪

We want to ensure that no family or grieving individual suffers loss without support from our professional counsellors and the community as a whole.

In addition to bereavement counselling, there is practical support around the matters relating to bereavement for people who have been affected by the loss of a loved one during COVID-19.

Service Times
The service is available 7 days a week from 0900 – 2100hrs.
Counsellors would work flexibly to respond to the needs of service users.

Service Provision During COVID-19
During the COVID-19 lockdown, we would be offering a secured online video and telephone service in line with what suits our beneficiaries. This would be reviewed after the lockdown to offer a face-to-face service where necessary or requested.

Service Features
Our culturally and religiously tailored support for those grieving or mourning the loss of loved ones puts service users first.

We will be taking referrals from our statutory partners and VCSE organisations. However, we also welcome self-referrals for all kinds of bereavement.

Referral Process

  • Referrals are made via telephone or email.
  • Referrals received are escalated to the counsellors on a rota who would contact the service user within 12 hours.
  • Initial assessment, followed by up to 6 online sessions (1 hour per session)

Language Needs
Support is initially available in English, French and Portuguese while we explore developing tailored resources in the numerous African languages.

Qualified Bereavement Counselling for all forms of bereavements.

Offer is being developed with regards to practical support including funeral arrangements, repatriations, etc.

We would be happy to support cases pre-COVID-19 although priority would be COVID-19 related.

Arrangements are in place to offer adequate practical support.

To make a referral, please email or call 07710 022382 (please note that this is also our COVID-19 helpline. Caller’s details are taken and case is assigned to a counsellor who rings the service user or referrer)

Alternative contact the service manager Rosalyn Magowan on 07557 855306

Welcome to the Caribbean and African Health Network Referral Form. This service is not an emergency service. Please see your GP/attend your local A&E Dept if you feel you need help urgently. Please provide as much information as possible. It will be stored in a safe place and used as the basis for providing support for the person referred. Please click HERE to complete the referral form.

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Transformation Community Resource Centre

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Phone: 07853 556 591


Legal Notices
Registered in England and Wales . | . Company Number.: 10845632

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